Melly Lifshitz’s Year End Recap has been around in the blogosphere for almost 5 months now.  Let’s do a year end recap listing this blog’s important highlights for the year 2011.

Below is the list of important events and happenings Melly Lifshitz has shared online in the past five months.


Melly hosted the Fourth Annual  Gala BbQ and Concert in his home on Long Island’s south shore.  He and daughter, Arielle, are both helping the Kulanu Center located in the Cedahurst area.


The Bais Chana kids visited the Lifshitz’s home during the Labor Day Weekend.  Melly also went to Frankfurt, Germany to witness the Annual International Automobile Exhibition.


Melly shared his top car picks from the recent auto exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.


Mel expressed interest in joining the 2nd Annual Jerusalem Marathon.  He went to Las Vegas with his nephew and discovered a kick-ass golf course – the Shadow Creek Golf Course.


Melly went to Los Angeles to witness Chilli’s wedding.  Chilli is the son of Ezra, one of his dearest friends.

Learn more about Melly’s whereabouts by visiting his official website at  Check more photos of him posted on his Youtube Channel.

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Ezra’s Son Wedding

Melly Lifshitz went to LA a week or two ago to witness his friend’s son wedding.  Chilli, Ezra Birnbaum’s Son had his wedding in sunny Los Angeles.  The ceremony was attended by Ezra’s family and close friends.

The wedding reception was held at the famous Universal Hilton Hotel.  Mel published a blog post about this recent experience on his official web site.

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Melly Lifshitz and Nephew

Melly Lifshitz went to Las Vegas along with his nephew earlier this month. They had a great time playing in one of the city’s most famous golf course – the Shadow Creek Golf Course. Below is an excerpt from a recent blog entry published on his official website.

“Gambling, Casinos, the desert, Las Vegas is known for quite a few things, however, one you may not expect to hear about is it’s golf courses. Recently,Mel Lifshitz took a trip to one such location, for a little R&R with his nephew, and experienced the merits of the City’s golf community for himself. The “Shadow Creek Golf Course”, located in North Las Vegas, at about 60 million dollars, was developed by Steve Wynn, a casino magnate in the late 80?s from desert flatland.”

Read the rest of the story here.

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